DCI Acquires Benchmark Bank Software

DCI has acquired several banking software product lines from longtime partner Benchmark Technology Group including the STeller, Proof21 and BSA Navigator products. READ MORE

DCI Wins 2011 Innovative Solutions Award for iCore360 Core Bank Software

The Innovative Solutions Awardrecognizes
companies that help community banks through innovation. DCI was honored for its iCore360° core banking software. READ MORE

DCI Wins “Top 100” IT Award

Described as “leading the charge,” DCI’s virtual-server infrastructure project has been named among the top 100 IT advances by InfoWorld Media Group. READ MORE

iCore360®...Your Core Processor...Your Future

The future of bank core processing is at DCI today, and it all revolves around you. iCore360° is the most advanced, powerful core processing technology for complete bank management available today. And all you need is a common PC and Internet browser. Intuitive and dynamic, iCore360° gives you the freedom you’ve been waiting for. READ MORE

DCI Calendar

DCI Calendar

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DCI Conference

DCI Conference

Our Annual Customer Conference is
scheduled September 13-15, 2015,
in Overland Park, Kan. Mark your

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