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Risk & Compliance

Ensure compliance in real-time across all branches and sources


Track records of events to ensure compliance

  • Real-time aggregation across all branches
  • Risk rating and tracking
  • Case management for high risk accounts
  • Alerts for accounts with suspicious activity

Additional features

  • View cash transactions for structuring
  • Set up accounts with special monitoring and parameters
  • Automate CTR and SAR reports with electronic filing capability
  • Negotiable instruments log reporting
  • Institution and account level cash trigger amounts
  • Exempt account review and tracking
  • OFAC check as part of teller transaction when applicable
  • 314a searches for non-customer activity

Behavioral Analytics: Fortress

Get comprehensive, real-time fraud analysis from trusted 3rd party Fortress


PayWatch for ACH and Wires

  • Obtain pre-release ACH data for analysis to prevent fraud
  • Get pre-release data to prevent wire transfer fraud
  • Adapt to wire and ACH schedule variance

CardWatch to source card transaction data

  • Key focus on debit cards
  • Analyze credit card transactions
  • Perform analysis of POS, ATC, shared branch and more
  • Analyze at group and detail levels, such as ATM number, merchant number, and SIC

CheckWatch to evaluate On-Us check documents

  • Identify counterfeit documents
  • Focus on check stock, changes of payer name and address
  • Identify out-of-sequence serial numbers
  • Verify signatures

StaffWatch to analyze employee activities

  • Analysis of employee activities across the FI
  • Configure to appropriately control sensitive information

LoanWatch to analyze loan-related transactions

  • Manual interest rate changes
  • Collateral evaluation
  • Construction covenant and compliance
  • Portfolio analysis

RegWatch for compliance

  • Contains all regulation functions
  • Stay in compliance with regulations
  • Implement best practices


Align with the Office of Foreign Assets Control


Runs every nightly processing

Against the entire core database, ACH, Wires, vendors


Run on demand in customer and deposit account origination

Including ACH, Wires, Vendor Management, AP, Teller


Automatic reports

Identify any possible matches


Benefit from regulatory and law enforcement info sharing

  • Discontinue manual 314a checks against database
  • Run checks when a new file is available against core database and wires
  • Automatic reports identify possible matches

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