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Operations & Document Management

Increase efficiencies by better managing documents and relationships

Document Imaging

Create images of key HR, customer and account-level documents


Track documents

By review or expiration dates


Access account level documents

With one click from any account level screen

View DL and Signature cards

From any customer/account level screen


Copy, paste, print, view, export documents

Send to additional customers/accounts from one screen

“They listen to us and are always there to support us. That's the kind of people we want to partner with.”

Dixie Lang · Vice President
Kanza Bank


Gain strategic customer relationship management capabilities

  • Lead referral capability from the systems your front line staff uses
  • Profitability tracking
  • Contact and pipeline management
  • Case management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Employee incentive, compensation and goal performance tracking
  • Dedicated management reporting
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Set reminders to deepen loyalty and promote accountability


Set reminders to deepen loyalty and promote accountability


Full letter generation


Assign ticklers to a person or group to work


Define tickler workflow

Move from user to user as each step is completed


View tickler alerts

From customer or account level screens


Automated specialized tickler processing for 7 defined events

Including customer birthdays and new accounts and allows for flexibility of a letter or a personal call from the bank

Vendor Management

Automated processes ideal for small/mid-sized banks


Built in reminders

Automatic notification when item needs attention


DCI managed option

DCI oversees vendor processes for you and sends you final recommendations

Track vendor documentation

Contracts, financials, audit, risk rating and more


Customizable parameters to fit your bank's needs


Safe Deposit Box

Manage inventory, consolidate reporting, deepen customer relationships

  • Deposit box opening workflow with e-signature of documents
  • Autopay when payments are due
  • Define discounts that are automatically applied
  • Generate automated customer notifications
  • Online inventory tracking system
  • Dedicated reporting

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