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Home Equity

Manage loans and HELOC proactively with the flexibility customers need

Term Loans

Provide an easy, safe source of funds to customers


Manage installment loans with unique payments and rates

Based on the Home Equity Line of Credit and term-out portion


Bank defined number of term loans allowed

Customize loan parameters


Specialized combined statements

For home equity and term loans


Report to Credit Bureau as combined or separate

Optionally report based on banking factors


“DCI offers a great product that is always on the leading edge. They listen to us and are always there to support us. That's the kind of people we want to partner with.”

Dixie Lang · Vice President
Kanza Bank

Delinquency Processing

Improve at-risk consumer loan recovery rates


Supervised and Classified Tracking

  • Track loans at risk of non-payment
  • Maintain information related to loan risk
  • Track risk, reserve and borrower’s information and background

Shadow Accounting

  • Charge off and place in shadow in one step
  • Track customer and bank transactions separately after payment
  • Dedicated monitoring for both bank and customer
  • Easy payment processing
  • No change to customer look

Partial and Full Charge Off

  • Complete partial and full charge off tracking
  • Easy payment processing
  • Dedicated monitoring

Delinquent Messaging

  • Document all customer communications
  • Monitor and deaccession all documentation


  • Complete partial and full non-accrual tracking
  • Easy payment processing
  • Dedicated monitoring
  • Flexibility for controlling accrued interest

Collateral Tracking

Track and manage home equity loan collateral information

  • Unlimited records at customer or account level
  • Track collateral value, unique addresses and mark for tax reporting
  • Tie and copy records to multiple customers or accounts
  • Track review and expiration dates
  • Enter collateral in bank defined fields
  • Designate collateral, lien position and 1098 reporting indicator
  • Flexible search for quick record lookups

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