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Account Origination

Consistent experience across application process


No dual entry or interfaces

Part of core


Paperless bank with eSign capability

Signed documents automatically sent to customer and
directly integrated to document imaging and filing


Dynamic account origination workflow

With dynamic document generation


Additional Services:

  • 100% compliant forms
  • Account verification as part of AO workflow
  • OFAC verification as part of AO workflow
  • Source of Funds tracking for corporate accounts

“This software saves me hours and automatically updates customer data in the core.”

Laurie Leighty · SVP
American Riviera Bank


Simplify IRA tax reporting, tracking and beneficiary inquiries


Automated EOY tax reporting


Dedicated report tracking and online inquiry for beneficiaries


Dedicated report tracking for disbursements


Minimum disbursement calculator


Online Inquiry of IRA Plan limits



Provide consumer and business health-related banking solutions


Debit card capable


Online inquiry of
all HSA Plan Limits


Dedicated report tracking
for excess contributions


Automated EOY


Process ACH transactions cost-effectively and in real-time


Integrates with internet banking cash management

All records automatically brought into Core


Bank controlled fraud parameters

By company and by account


Require single or dual approvals

By company and by account


OFAC performed on all records

Including “bad people” list and “not allowed” accounts


Online inquiry

For all warehoused items

image of a stopwatch and dollar sign


Automate workflows, satisfy requirements, ensure security


Support International and Domestic wires


Integrates with IB cash management

All records automatically brought into Core


Require approvals on bank defined dollar limit parameters

Includes email notification to approvers


OFAC requirements

Performed on all parties involved in the wire record

Bonus & Rewards Checking

Manage bonus interest rates, cash rewards and transaction criteria

  • Pay bank defined bonus interest rates on an account
  • Set parameters to define how customer earns bonus interest rate
  • Tier and step tier bonus interest rates
  • Refund ATM surcharges when bonus interest rate is met
  • Ability to give the customer a cash reward based on debit card usage each month
  • Bank defined transaction criteria to earn the reward amount
  • Can define multiple reward groups

Round-up Debit Card Rewards

Streamline POS rewards and transfer to saving accounts


Round Point-of-Sale transactions up to the nearest dollar


Round up accumulative totals


Transfer funds to savings account

image of a jar of change

Account Analysis

Simplify IRA tax reporting, tracking and beneficiary inquiries


Tie multiple accounts together

Facilitate combined analysis


Credits offset charges

Can be set up as recurring


Flexibility for different earnings credit calculations

Calculated by a rate, amount per basis, fed fund rate or overdraft rate


Option to have interest paid subtracted

From the amount of the calculated earnings credit

Rate Relationships

Simplify IRA tax reporting, tracking and beneficiary inquiries


Combine multiple relationships into one group

  • Including consumer and commercial accounts

Examine performance of all accounts in group

  • Determine the interest rate for those accounts
  • Bank provides rate for account individually, as needed

Automatically figure rate changes

  • Based on account rate type

Combined Statements

Simplify statement processes for ease of use


Tie multiple accounts together


Produce easier-to-use single statements

Sweeps & Transfers

Improve margins while serving customers with securely managed sweeps

  • Schedule transfers on a pre-determined basis
  • Do internal and external transfers
  • Handle cross-application transfers
  • Set up multi-tiered, bi-directional sweeps
  • Allow accounts to maintain minimum and maximum balances
  • Set up and maintenance of new sweeps or transfers
image of a money cycle

Overdraft Protection

Manage overdraft banking with defined parameters


Gain the ability to set overdrafts

Into managed LOC


Bank defined parameters

For how LOC will function

Overdraft Privilege

Proactively manage ODP with set criteria and automated workflows


Set multiple groups

Includes email notification to approvers


Automate activation based on set parameters

For new and suspended accounts

Dedicated daily reporting

For tracking ODP accounts


Send automatic customer letters and notices


Track customer opt-in information


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