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Business Insights & Performance

Build business with data-driven insights and customized reports

DCI Analytics

Gain an edge with powerful tools and flexible reports


Generate Board Reports as one packet

  • Eliminates the need to generate individual reports
  • User defined landing page

Create custom reports

  • Using a drag and drop method
  • Create reports in Excel, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint
  • 100's of report templates
  • Easy to read and includes interactive graphics

Access to 100% of your bank's data

  • Including bank defined fields
  • Easy payment processing, dedicated monitoring
  • Relatable field names not database or table field names

Financial Dashboard

Get flexible, powerful general ledger reporting

  • Generate GL Excel reports in interactive formats in the Core
  • See multiple report column views from one screen
  • See multiple bank- or branch-level views from one screen
  • Access account-level transaction history in one click
Financial Dashboard Graph

Customer Profitability

Increase revenues and manage costs with every customer relationship


Bank defined profitability parameters

  • Control accruals at customer and account levels
  • Define rankings to display on every customer-level screen

Ranking of the bank's top 25 customers daily

Dedicated reporting

Call Report

Prepare call reports faster — and more accurately


Manage call reports with top-shelf interfaces

ProfitStars Call Report Pro, Callreporter Premier, SmartCall


Outline numbers that must be submitted to regulators

Customer Information (CIF)

Make more informed decisions with core-accessed business intelligence


Customer Information Records


Associated Customer Relationship


Account Relationships Profile

About Customer Records

Customer Information Records

No ports or silos

  • All records in Core are tied to a single customer record

Duplicate detect capability and reports

  • Ensure duplicate CIF's are not on system
  • Identify possible duplicate records for easy deletion

View customer-level data from any customer or account-level screen

  • Alerts, security information or DL and Sig card

Associated Customer Relationship

View customer's total relationships

  • Including family, business or associations

Customize at the customer level

  • With associated accounts, customers and relationships

At-a-glance total customer portfolio

  • Officers see full info for quicker loan decisions

Account Relationships Profile

View full customer profile

  • Including all related accounts

View additional account information

  • And relationship information with one click

View external relationships

  • Such as credit card and investment portfolio balances

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