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"My core processor lets me be a banker"

Q&A with Greg Binns, First National Bank, Kansas

How does DCI support your bank’s day-to-day operations?

Greg: As one of the founding banks of DCI, we’ve been a customer since the mid-1960s. The best thing about DCI: They let us be bankers. We have a lot to to do to keep our regulators at bay and keep our customers happy. Being able to offload the processing and the transaction volumes that we have onto DCI is key. The accuracy we’ve been able to have over the years with the system is great. Everything balances every day; we just don’t spend a lot of time on those issues.

How is DCI unique?

Greg: I’ve been with DCI for so many years it’s really an extension of the bank. They’re over there doing this massive amount of work on millions of transactions that occur at our bank over the year, and the systems are reliable. They balance. The uptime is great. Customer support is great. The senior managers have been there a long time. If you ever have any problems, they’re going to get on it. They’re going to fix it. That’s why we’ve stayed with them for so many years.

Do you have an example of their level of service?

Greg: We recently made a commitment to sweep our Wealth Management Cash Balances onto our balance sheet. I called DCI, and they said, “Sure. We can write this program that you need to make that happen.” We probably spent 4 or 5 days just going back and forth to get the program just right for us to use. So now we’re sweeping millions of dollars onto our balance sheet. We’re enhancing our customers’ returns and also making a little bit more money for the bank. DCI is a driving force in being able to make that happen for us. Service and quality was right there. We didn’t have to go through any channels. They just jumped in to help me. Things like that happen all of the time.