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You guys definitely have a ‘Mercedes’ of a product!


Scott Yi, Pacific City Bank, California






DCI treats their customers like family and gets us involved.


Brad Gregory,
President, Bank of Bolivar, Missouri


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You’re trying to do more with less … do it faster … and serve your customers better than ever. You need a powerful core to help you meet the ever-changing challenges of today’s banking environment.

DCI’s innovative iCore360® and our comprehensive support and education system are the answer. Just read what our customers say


Ready for a better core experience? Tired of putting up with cumbersome and inflexible technology?

iCore360° is DCI’s powerful core processing solution for complete bank management that leads the way into the future of banking … built and delivered on the most advanced Web-enabled technologies available, including Microsoft .NET and Oracle, with fully integrated complementary options for optimal efficiency, flexibility and profitability.

Read about our selection for the Top 100 IT Awards from InfoWorld.

iCore360°, developed in collaboration with bankers like yourself, is an award-winning scalable system that adapts and responds to your needs. Intuitive and easy-to-use, iCore360° automates and streamlines your workflow, giving you complete freedom to access and manage your information any way you want.

The bottom line: iCore360° delivers the competitive edge! Read more

Companion Options

iCore360° includes a full range of integrated options to give you seamless access to even more power and capability:

Image Processing & Remote Capture

... delivering the best in full-service image processing ... faster and with more accuracy. Read more...

InstaKey® ATM Card Services™

... your single source for ATM card services with a dedicated network, comprehensive software, support and customized services you can’t get anywhere else. It’s never been more easy or profitable. Read more...

Internet Banking

... the most advanced and comprehensive Internet banking solution available with features you can’t find anywhere else ... with all the function commonly reserved for only the largest institutions ... no need for additional technical expertise or personnel to operate a full-service branch online. Read more

Mobile Banking

... allowing your customers to bank with you via any mobile device. Read more...

DCI Teller

... your key to a completely intuitive and automated teller line that increases productivity, enhances customer service and reduces costs. Read more...

DCI Proof21

... a flexible, intuitive program giving you complete capture and end-to-end clearing with proof and balance functions in a single workflow directly from your teller line. Read more...

DCI InfoSight

... giving you advanced tools to access and report on any piece of your bank’s data to track and gain insight into profitability and every aspect of your operation. Read more...

iCore360° Inter@ct

... using the latest online technologies to deliver statements, check images and notifications to your customers via the Internet through Inter@ct Statements ... and Inter@ct Positive Pay™ helping detect check fraud before money leaves the bank. Read more...

Customer Relationship Management

... helping you realize more effective marketing and productivity and increased client and employee retention ... with real-time reporting that ensures accountability. Read more...

Bonus Checking

... building customer loyalty and profits by enticing and rewarding profitable customers to use other profitable products and services. Read more...

iCore360° Document Imaging

... a next-generation document management solution featuring the most advanced, integrated and automated program to handle storage systems. Read more...

Backroom Services

... a variety of services that help make your bank more efficient ... from daily exception-item online viewing ... to mailroom services ... to research item retrieval. Read more...

DCI also partners with leading-edge companies to offer you a variety of solutions that are fully compatible with iCore360°.

Customer Care

When it comes to customer care, our responsive team has you fully covered – from implementation and 24/7 support to custom programming and ongoing education. Yes, we’re always here for you!

Customer Support

Our customer support begins with our initial consultation ... and then it never stops. Our on-site professionals monitor and customize your implementation throughout the entire
process. Our trained specialists are on call with live support for you 24/7/365. When you call, you talk to a DCI employee, not a machine. We respond immediately or within minutes.

And we welcome user requests and custom programming. Our relationship with you is our top priority. That’s more than just a statement. It is our business model. We go the extra distance to make sure you receive the most personalized solutions and support to fit your individual needs.

Networking / Technology

Our certified networking team draws upon years of experience and expertise to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art support and solutions to keep your bank efficient and competitive. Read more...

DCI University

As part of DCI’s full customer support, our experienced instructors can help your bank realize the full potential of iCore360° and other DCI solutions through DCI University. We conduct hundreds of training sessions on a regular basis across the nation at customer locations, our education facilities, online and at our annual customer conference. We conduct training in person, via the Internet, and DCI University online campus, offering self-paced training from the convenience of your own computer. Read more...

Operational Efficiency Reviews

... detailed, on-site operational review for all functional application areas, including deposits,
loans, general management and profitability.

Learn more about how DCI can help your bank become more profitable and competitive!