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iCore360® Report


iCore360° takes your bank to the next level in automated system report management with the innovative Report Library, part of the iCore360° integrated approach to simplify the management of your key information.

Accessed directly from the menu or toolbar, you never have to leave iCore360° to access and manage your system reports. But the Library is more than just easy and intuitive. It’s flexible – delivering powerful automation and management capabilities customized to your needs. You’ll find features available nowhere else.

For example, the Library continuously monitors iCore360° to add new reports as they are generated. It then automatically assigns definitions to each one, indexes them by processing date, application and definition, and displays the most recent set of reports for viewing. The Library even manages report formats for DCI Teller, InfoSight, Acrobat and more.

You can also designate report “favorites” that are automatically generated while you are away, and either printed or delivered to your computer to be waiting for you when you arrive. And, using your report data in other documents is as simple as copy and paste.

There’s more that the Library can do for you:

  • Find just the report or detail you need using any combination of free-form criteria such as name, type, description, date range, branch, application, dollar amount, etc.
  • Search for information in multiple reports at the same time, and show every instance of the search criteria contained in each report
  • Allow access by any authorized network user at the bank
  • Allow group online reviews, including sign-off/approvals and tracking
  • Offer flexible security settings, allowing administrators to authorize
    or deny access by user, report type or even application
  • Provide back-up CDs that can be used with full functionality in any PC with a CD drive — in the unlikely event of system downtime – with no network connection required
  • Offer online retrieval and management, automatic indexing, unlimited capacity, original document appearance and easy, automatic printing

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