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Dixie Lang,
Vice President,
Kanza Bank, Kansas

DCI Proof21


Fraud, regulations and costs for traditional check processing are at all-time highs. Now more than ever, you need an end-to-end imaging solution that is simple, affordable and reliable.

DCI Proof21™ gives you complete Check21 imaging and end-to-end clearing, combined with accurate proof and balance functions in a single workflow directly from your teller line. Fully integrated with DCI Teller™ and iCore360® processing, the whole process couldn’t be simpler.

As transactions are received, your tellers simply drop checks into a miniature scanner, verify the scan, confirm the pre-filled data on the screen, and the transaction is immediately processed and proven. Special features prevent fraud and verify identification at the teller line.

also updates iCore360° with images as transactions occur, or at the end of day, for posting and easy online viewing and archival purposes. Virtual tickets are also automatically created when required, and even multi-check transactions are processed quickly and accurately — all with just a few clicks and keystrokes.

Flexible and intuitive, Proof21 not only captures your check images at the teller line, but it also serves as a front-counter proof solution, eliminating the handling of paper checks, back-office operations and courier charges.

More Features

  • Intuitive teller workflow and document handling
  • Accurate and fast check capture
  • Automatic creation of virtual tickets and documents
  • Electronic delivery of balanced images and data
  • Full BSA compliance
  • Variety of file formats
  • Accurate CAR/LAR engine and certified scanners
  • Fully compliant with X9.37 specifications


  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced teller keystrokes and data entry
  • Reduced item handling and touchpoints
  • Improved transaction accuracy
  • Reduced paper costs
  • Accelerated clearing and funds availability
  • Time and cost savings in proof operations
  • More efficient scheduling and increased production windows
  • Ability to deploy to other departments
  • All branch work cleared the same day
  • Transmissions to DCI throughout the day
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