iCore360° is very user friendly and the support staff is wonderful.


Roxanne Klaus,
Vice President,
The Stockton National Bank, Kansas

DCI InfoSight


DCI InfoSight™ gives you advanced tools to access and report on any piece of your bank’s data to track and gain insight into customer profitability, product success, marketing opportunities and more.

InfoSight’s ease of use, low cost, productivity gains and minimal technical involvement adds up to increased savings and high return on investment for you.

From quick, simple charts to detailed customer and householding reports, formal presentations and reports for management and board meetings, DCI InfoSight satisfies a
wide range of user needs.

InfoSight fully maximizes one of the best features of the iCore360® system: the Oracle database. An updated catalog of every table and field in the iCore360° Oracle database gives you complete access to every field of information for your bank.

Features & Benefits

  • Access and present your data using familiar banking terminology, structures and functional areas, such as “Customer Data,” “Loan Data,” “Deposit Data” and more.
  • Easily surf through information to quickly uncover trends or problems without the
    restrictions of a preset path.
  • Quickly navigate through the database using the InfoSight catalog that is easily organized into subject-oriented folders, sub-folders and columns.
  • Forget simple, repetitive tasks and reports ... they’re automated.
  • Create management reports, mailing labels and more using the more than 200 pre-formatted, customizable templates.
  • Create new templates on the fly with pick-lists and prompts that make reporting easy and flexible for everyone.
  • Quickly create your own reports and find fast answers to important business questions.

Build Your Own Custom Reports

  • 200+ custom report templates
  • Access to every field in the iCore360° Oracle database to build you own unique reports
  • Meaningful reporting of data for customer profitability, product effectiveness, and more
  • Marketing and householding capabilities
  • New opportunities revealed
  • Exporting to standard office software
  • Ability to organize application-specific data (loans, deposits) into folders via catalog
  • Reporting across applications
  • Full control of fonts and columns
  • Advanced filtering
  • Simple sorting, grouping and totals

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