DCI technologies have always been thoughtfully developed with a focus on the needs of their customers. iCore360° is a modern core solution that is very flexible, stable and secure.


Greg Binns,
President, First National Bank of Hutchinson,

iCore360® Vendor


Vendors have become an integral part of banking today. Managing those relationships is important to sound bank management, especially as third-party risk becomes an increasingly hot focus for regulators. But for many banks, managing vendors efficiently and remaining compliant can be a challenge, if not a downright hassle.

The good news is that DCI can make it all much easier with our all-new iCore360° vendor management option.

Simple, Convenient, Complete

Built directly into iCore360°, the vendor management option lets you easily manage multiple vendor relationships that are fully compliant, yet customized to your bank’s policies and procedures.

No more clunky spreadsheets, multiple apps and files to handle. Just click the iCore360° menu and in no time at all, you can have all your vendor information fully documented, stored and ready to manage in one central location, at your fingertips, with automated features and reporting to ensure your compliance. Plus, flexible settings let you focus only on what you need and want to track for your bank, with automatic reminders to make sure you remember when it’s time to review.

The iCore360° vendor management option makes it easy to:


  • Rate vendors by risk
  • Attach and review due diligence items
  • Set custom, automatic reminders for each vendor review
  • Track required and custom information for each vendor
  • Maintain multiple financial and audit reviews for each vendor
  • Attach and update contracts and other documents online
  • Customize parameters to your bank’s needs and policies

Easy or Easier? You Choose

Best of all, this new feature lets you choose between these two easy methods:

  • Bank Managed—you control all vendor management yourself within your iCore360° environment.
  • DCI Managed—our DCI vendor management experts manage the entire process for you in your iCore360° environment, including vendor due diligence and recommendations, with any updates fully tracked by individual. You still own the vendor relationships, financial decisions, and have full access anytime – we just do the work for you.

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Contact your DCI Customer Relationship Manager to register or for more information about how you can remove a little more hassle from your life with the new iCore360° vendor management option.