DCI is to core processing what community banks are to banking. I don't know how any other core provider can compete with DCI's culture.


Trey Maust,
Lewis and Clark Bank,



There is no other core processor worth considering, in my opinion.


Terri Koelsch,
SJN Bank of Kansas

News Release

DCI Ranked in Top 100 List of Financial Technology

Companies by BAI and American Banker
– iCore360® Developer Continues to Gain Industry Attention for Award-WInning Tech –

HUTCHINSON, KAN., September 25, 2015
– Data Center Inc. (DCI), the privately-owned developer of iCore360® core banking software and related technologies, has been named by American Banker and BAI as one of the 2015 FinTech Forward Top 100 leading bank technology providers worldwide, based on its 2014 financial performance.

“This recognition is a testament to the increasing awareness among community bankers that our iCore360® technology competes toe-to-toe with any other,” said John H. Jones, DCI President and CEO. “But more important, it demonstrates the value bankers place on our personal connection with them.”

The ranking is the latest boost in recognition and growth for DCI, following an exclusive endorsement from the California Bankers Association earlier this year, and significant acquisitions to expand its ebanking product line and market position in the industry. The company has also won multiple awards for its work and expertise.

DCI is unique among most core technology companies in the rankings and industry overall, remaining privately owned by a group of clients for over 52 years, with several clients serving as board members and user group leaders involved in the development of the company’s technologies. As a result, the company has a reputation for highly personal customer service, evidenced by consistently high satisfaction and contract renewal rates.

“The FinTech ranking is more evidence that DCI should be on every bank’s radar screen for core technology,” says Jeff Ball, president of Friendly Hills Bank in Whittier, Calif. “DCI sets high standards for innovation, reliability and service on a foundation of client ownership that bankers can trust.”

FinTech Forward is a collaboration of American Banker and BAI, drawing on their strengths in comprehensive analysis, research, and live events to produce actionable content for banking industry decision makers.

DCI Ranked in Top 100 List of Financial Technology Companies by BAI and American Banker (pdf)

About DCI
DCI is the developer of the award-winning iCore360® core banking software and related technologies for community banks nationwide. DCI is privately owned by a group of bank clients, with several clients serving as board members and user group leaders. In addition to iCore360® (available hosted or in-house), DCI offers integrated solutions for Internet and mobile banking, private ATM network and card management, teller automation, remote capture, custom analysis, risk/vendor management, managed IT and more. DCI was named a 2015 FinTech Forward Top 100 Technology Provider by American Banker and BAI, winner of the 2015 BankNews Innovative Solutions Award and the exclusive core processing solution endorsed by the California Bankers Association. For more information about DCI, visit www.datacenterinc.com or contact info@datacenterinc.com.

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Vice President, Marketing
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