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iCore360® Document
Imaging Library


Finally, your bank can break through the paper barrier and truly become free of physical paper files. Featuring the most advanced, integrated and automated system, Document Imaging Library is designed to eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming physical paper filing and storage systems, and simplify the management of your key information resources.

Using only the best scanning and capture technologies available, Document Imaging Library is completely embedded in the iCore360° system. It is a remarkably intuitive, next-generation document management solution that instantly creates a truly paperless environment at your bank.

The iCore360° Document Imaging Library is the only document imaging solution of its class available in the industry. It outperforms all others — even stand-alone versions — and does it at half the cost.


  • Automatically indexes, stores and retrieves any scanned or imported document with just a click of the mouse, instantly placing any document — even specific data from a document — directly at your fingertips without ever leaving the iCore360° system
  • Scans documents directly into iCore360°, creating an online image of the document
  • Automatically captures specific customer or bank information and signatures using advanced optical, handwriting and barcode recognition
  • Automatically indexes, files, and links documents by customer, account and user-defined groups for instant storage, retrieval, and management
  • Allows you to easily attach documents from applications such as Word, Excel and Acrobat, etc., to a customer and/or account
  • Enables you to find, print, view, export, copy, paste, move and repair documents
  • Offers filing and review options for type, dates, page numbers, and expiration actions
  • Enables you to instantly see all documents for a particular customer, account or user-defined group ... move, copy and paste documents to another customer or account ... and add pages to a document
  • Allows tellers to instantly verify signature cards, driver licenses and check images by clicking an icon of the DCI Teller™ or iCore360° toolbar


  • Drastically reduces costs and requirements for storage and staffing
  • Helps protect your bank from fraud and unexpected disasters
  • Reduces redundancy
  • Automates document management
  • Improves efficiency and service
  • Automates exception file

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