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DCI understands the value of their customers' success and takes a unique role in achieving that success.


Mike Cearley, EVP,
Centera Bank, Kansas

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)


iCore360®/CRM, powered by CoreTrac, is an optional customer relationship management tool that offers you new ways to manage your customer relationships for greater loyalty, satisfaction and profitability.

Read about the DCI / CoreTrac partnership that provides the best in CRM systems.


iCore360°/CRM helps you better understand your current customer relationships and capture valuable information on prospects. Missed opportunities will be a thing of the past.

You’ll discover innovative new sales and service procedures that improve your bottom line by...

  • Tracking leads and referrals
  • Recommending products based on customer demographics
  • Developing targeted and trackable marketing and incentive campaigns
  • Increasing cross-selling opportunities
  • Managing pipelines
  • Creating and managing custom reports
  • Real-time reporting by product, employee, department and branch
  • Tracking performance goals
  • And much more


You’ll discover these and many more benefits from iCore360°/CRM:

  • More effective marketing
  • Increased customer and employee retention
  • Improved accountability and control
  • Increased productivity
  • Decisions based on more reliable information
  • Single-sign-on capabilities
  • Easy to use, flexible and efficient

DCI worked closely with CoreTrac and bankers like yourself to ensure a customer relationship management tool that provides the meaningful capabilities you need to stay ahead in this challenging environment.


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