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Marilyn Kempton,
First National Bank in Pratt, Kansas

BSA Navigator


BSA compliance is more sensitive and demanding than ever. But DCI makes it easy with BSA Navigator.™

DCI provides automated capture, aggregation and monitoring for the reporting of large cash transactions and suspect cash activity directly at the teller line, across any size branch network.

BSA Navigator is an early alert system that puts you in control of Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance by monitoring activity and automatically prompting tellers for additional information during a transaction. It also tracks and facilitates reporting of suspect activity. All data is available for review by auditors and examiners.

BSA Navigator is seamlessly integrated into iCore360° and the DCI Teller™ transaction processing option.

Other Features

  • Assures positive ID collection
  • View and complete CTR/SAR reports
  • View all transactions related to a filing
  • Captures owner and conductor information
  • Central administration and management
  • Full import capability of wire transfer and other transactions
  • Negotiable Instrument Log reporting
  • Automatic finCEN104 completion and processing
  • Supported for amended and corrected finCEN104
  • Institution and account level dollar triggers
  • Suspicious activity/AML tracking
  • Exempt List filing capability
  • Optional full electronic filing feature
  • Ability to add notes to any entry

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