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Karen Pjesky,
Halstead Bank, Kansas

iCore360® Bonus


In today’s banking environment, customer loyalty is based on profitability, convenience and flexibility. DCI’s iCore360° Bonus Checking helps you retain these customers, attract new ones, and serve them efficiently and economically.

Bonus Checking entices profitable customers with a higher interest-bearing checking account that rewards them for using other profitable products and services at your bank.

For example, customers can earn higher interest when they use one or more of the following:

Bonus Checking can save you far more than similar products, and it’s customized to fit your needs. By rewarding customers for using your cost-saving, technology-driven services, you maximize profitability, sustain long-term growth and strengthen your bottom line.

Here’s what Bonus Checking can do for you:

  • Increase deposits by attracting and retaining more profitable customers
  • Increase online users, decreasing in-branch services
  • Increase check/debit card transactions and revenue
  • Increase use of debit cards by nearly 400 percent
  • Increase direct deposit and other ACH transactions while overall processing costs drop dramatically
  • Maintain a higher average balance in Bonus Checking accounts than in those of other checking customers
  • Encourage more than 85 percent of your checking account customers to take advantage of online banking service
  • Encourage Bonus Checking customers to stay with your bank up to 70 percent longer, resulting in a lifetime value for each account

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